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Небулайзер для ресниц

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Portable Rechargeable Eyelash Extensions Steamer Lash Nebulizer Machine


Using an lash nebulizer will cure the adhesive and ensure better retention. This is an important final step in your eyelash application. But are you wondering what the difference is between a nano mister and our olive Product Nebulizer?The short answer is that our Nebulizer has a much finer mist, so it is less likely to cause the adhesive to bloom. Our  Nebulizer emits particles that are finer than a nano mister, about 100 times smaller. The water particles are approximately 1-5 microns in size (compared to a nano mister that emits vapor at approximately 150 microns) This premium tool will cure eyelash extension adhesive in less than 30 seconds. This can significantly reduce the chance of an allergic reaction or irritation. If you choose to opt out of using a nebulizer you should advise your clients that the curing of the adhesive may take up to 48hrs consequently making it important for them to stay away from water. When using our nebulizer this precaution isn’t necessary as the adhesive will be cured once exposed to the super fine vapor.

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